mercoledì, dicembre 24, 2014

What a busy year!

This year has been as busy as last one, mostly because I left you folks when I was still looking for a flat, which I managed to get after lot of stress, but hey, what is an almost 18 months waiting compared to someone who had to wait 12 years for their goal, and what is buying a flat compared to landing on a comet ?
Sorry about this digress, it was just to put things in scale a bit.

Anyway just a short list of what happened to me (and my fiancée) this year:

- We finally bought home (I save you from the details of the madness happened to me)
- We got a proper internet connection the following week! (and Netflix/Crunchyroll are amazing!)
- We went a week to Malaga (and I got food poisoned :-( )
- I went in a flappy bird hackathon (alongside with +Alex Spurling) and wrote a game in few hours
- My best friend became dad
- I had to convert my expired driving license to an UK one
- My sister came to London to study english
- I got contacted by Facebook, they wanted to chat with me
- I went to Facebook's London office for 2 one to one interviews
- I went to a Mozilla bug-squash party and implemented a nice animation which should now be on the nightly build of Firefox OS
- Facebook asked me to fly to San Francisco for 4 one to one interviews
- We went to Palo Alto / Menlo Park / San Francisco for the most atypical west coast week (it was always raining!)
- Facebook liked me.
- Facebook offered me a job (in London!)
- I accepted!

This for me was the year of #Webcomponents!
For this I met a lot of nice people this year, some special mention goes to +Addy Osmani+soledad penadés (and to the other Mozilla guys I met +Chris Lord, Francisco Jordano, +Piotr Zalewa), and it's also the reason for why I have a bunch of new projects in my github repository; I also made some commit to the Mozilla Brick project as well.

I also had the chance of meeting +Andrea Giammarchi once more after years (last time was in Lugano 7 years ago)

Oh, BTW, we released MooTools 1.5.0, followed by 1.5.1 alongside with a new website (still work in progress, if you find anything weird with it, please write a ticket, thanks)

I also wrote a couple of blog posts on JavaScript on my new blog here, which differs from this one for the style of the posts, so I'd like to have some feedback about which style you prefer.

Again, as last year, I could have forgot to add some of the things that happened or I did not mentioned them on purpose.

So, the new year will surely be full of new challenges for me and new achievement to unlock, it will probably also be the year of EcmaScript 6 so lot to learn again :)

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