sabato, dicembre 22, 2007

Bleach, The Film

I'm going to make a film on Bleach, obviusly I gonna to interprete Kurosaki Ichigo,
did you think I'm joking? ok, take a screenshoot of the film:

Me, Hollow by ~kentaromiura on deviantART

Ps. ok, i was kidding, but if someone would make a film on Bleach, please take me in consideration, I'm the Perfect Kurosaki Ichigo ;D

martedì, dicembre 04, 2007

24ways - Capturing Caps Lock

Today i read this interesting Post on 24 ways: Capturing caps lock
Stuart use the Shift status to understand if Caps Lock in On or Off,
is a very good script, but it miss some particular cases:

when someone type the ascii code using ALT + code,
for example ALT + 65 is the same to write capital A,
so if we wrote ALT 65 on the form, the form alert us that we have CAPS lock on :D
Since i think nobody wrote password using Ascii code (unless they write strange character) this code is a big usability and accessibility tricks!