sabato, settembre 15, 2007

uIoC - A WINCE IOC library for compact framework 2.0

In these days at workplace i'm working on a WINCE project,
I had to do some optimization to my old code and I wish to make it more readable,
so bearing in mind this I start to Google around
searching for an IoC container/framework that works on Compact framework 2.0 but
I was embittered since i cannot find any IoC implementation for Compact Framework.
Since i haven't special needs instead of using frameworks like or Windsor
i would use something simple but straightforward, like picocontainer
or this one ;D :
I start to thought how complex could be to write my own IoC implementation for Compact Framework, I was dazzled when I see that what i needed was so simple to achieve!

So i write my own implementation that let register object and initialize that by constructor.

For now is very basic, need some extra works but since, at least for me,
it do its dirty work i thought to share my efford.

I think somebody can find it useful, so
i opened a project on codeplex, you can find the project page at this address:
uIoc and you can download the source
on the Release page

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