martedì, marzo 20, 2007

RAWUW - Ruby Ajax & Webservice UI for Windows


In this post I show you how you can use Ajax to develop with a HTML UI with Ruby

Recently I started developing with ruby, with the Windows version to be precise.

I'm very busy at the moment so I need to develop as fast as I can.

I needed a way to design an User Interface with the minimum efford and, since I haven't Internet nor Tk installed on my Windows Machine and I wouldn't spend many time to learn another library to draw something on the screen, I looked around the documentation for something that I already knew..

I saw that Ruby lets you play with WIN32OLE, particularly with InternetExplorer.Application (also known as a WebBrowser control).

In C# you can write a class and expose its properties and methods through the window.external object of the WebBrowser control so that you can use it in javascript

I haven't found a simply way to do this with Ruby.

So I thought how I can associate browser events to ruby code .. I needed a Bridge .. Hey, wait ..AJAX!!

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