lunedì, aprile 03, 2006

Kentaromiura CrazyCorner 0.1 alpha(Gatsu)

I've recentelly find Krazy Corner (
and i like some things but there was other things that i don't like,
example if i' ve already a site i don't want to rewrite it all from scratch adding a lot of
extra HTML tag, so i write myself a function that write that code for me ;)

i used span instead of b tag because that seems me better,
the source is HERE :

there isn't a live test page avaible yet nor a zip file,sorry but just
put test.html , crazycorner.css and crazycorner.js
in the same directory and enjoy ;)

I don't use innerHTML in this library ,so i should have high compatibility..
I test successful in
Netscape 7.2,
Ie 6.0sp2,
FF1.5, (it should work on 1.0 too because NN have the same gecko)
opera 8.51

I'm waiting for a lot of comments!

as Alessandro Fulciniti told me the original idea of Krazy Corners is of Stu Nicholls.(
as soon as possible i release a live-test page

3 commenti:

Ludovico Mattiuzzo ha detto...

Mi iscrivo su un blog a caso e guarda chi ci trovo!

Ciao ;)

Ludovico Mattiuzzo ha detto...

Per caso tu sai come "allargare" il corpo del blog?? mi sembra un po strettino il mio..

Unknown ha detto...

bisogna modificare il template XML
non c'ho tempo, come vedi, per sistemare nemmeno il mio...