lunedì, aprile 03, 2006

Kentaromiura CrazyCorner 0.1 alpha(Gatsu)

I've recentelly find Krazy Corner (
and i like some things but there was other things that i don't like,
example if i' ve already a site i don't want to rewrite it all from scratch adding a lot of
extra HTML tag, so i write myself a function that write that code for me ;)

i used span instead of b tag because that seems me better,
the source is HERE :

there isn't a live test page avaible yet nor a zip file,sorry but just
put test.html , crazycorner.css and crazycorner.js
in the same directory and enjoy ;)

I don't use innerHTML in this library ,so i should have high compatibility..
I test successful in
Netscape 7.2,
Ie 6.0sp2,
FF1.5, (it should work on 1.0 too because NN have the same gecko)
opera 8.51

I'm waiting for a lot of comments!

as Alessandro Fulciniti told me the original idea of Krazy Corners is of Stu Nicholls.(
as soon as possible i release a live-test page
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